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Whitening Your Teeth At Home
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Professional teeth whitening occur in the dentist's chamber within a comparatively short period of time. However it is an expensive procedure. Its effect last for several months. But depending on the type of food and beverages eaten, it can wear off much earlier.

Home remedies to whiten teeth

A cheaper option is to whiten teeth at home. There are several home based remedies for staining of teeth.

You can mix a little amount of baking soda with your regular toothpaste and apply on teeth.

You can rinse your teeth with a solution of hydrogen peroxide after brushing. Do not swallow this solution. You can use cotton swabs dipped in this solution to wipe your teeth.

Strawberries have teeth whitening properties. You can mash them and use them like toothpaste.

You can make your own teeth whitening paste at home. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide has to be mixed in a certain proportion to make a paste. A little bit of mint flavor or regular toothpaste can be added to it to neutralize the taste. This paste can be used weekly or monthly for best results.

The bleaching gels

Most at home teeth whitening options depend on bleaching. One quick method is to use whitening paste. It is brushed on and left for two minutes to dry. Then it is rinsed away. The problem is that the paste must remain absolutely dry. If a little bit of saliva touches the paste and it is wiped away, an uneven whitening results - not a desirable outcome at all.

The most popular method is to use bleaching gel. If you want a better result you should brush with a oxygenating paste before the procedure. Then small strips of the gel are applied on upper and lower teeth with the help of thin guard trays. High concentration bleaching gels use carbamide peroxide though the use of hydrogen peroxide is more common. The strips should be left on the teeth for fifteen to twenty minutes. The oxidizing agents in the gel acts on the teeth enamel and the stains are gradually removed. Care should be taken that the strips cover the whole tooth, specially the sides as far as visible. Otherwise there may appear to be gaps between teeth. The procedure has to be repeated two to three times. Results last for several months.

The precautions to be taken

Though obtaining whiter teeth at home is not very difficult, it is better to get checked by a dentist before attempting the procedure. A general check up of the condition of the teeth should be done. The dentist can also determine if you suffer from any allergic conditions. This is especially true when there is any problem in the gum.
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